Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not gonna happen

Time goes by too fast when your kids are growing up, doesn't it?

A few weeks ago we were hanging out and I looked both my boys in the eye and said, "Ya'll need to just stop it."

"Stop what?" "What did we do?" they asked.

"Stop growing up! I mean it, ya'll just need to stop it right now." I replied.

Cade, my oldest, rolled his eyes and said, "Mommy....that's just not gonna happen."

Today was the last day of first grade for Cade. For some reason, this day was harder than the first day. Not sure why...I guess I realize that there just isn't any way to slow things down.

Here he is on the first day of first day of 1st Grade:

And here he is today, the last day of 1st Grade...ever!

Here's my other little munchkin when he graduated from Pre-K 2 last week.
He will be graduating from Pre-K 1 next year! How many dang graduations do kids have nowadays anyway??? But I digress.... Isn't he a cutie? :o)

It's officially summertime in these parts!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodwill Party!

Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick is having a Goodwill Party and I just had to share my latest find.

There is a Goodwill store pretty close to work, so about once or twice a month I'll spend my lunch hour looking for treasures.

I stopped in a few weeks ago and spotted an antique-looking dresser. I tried to act all noncholant as I walked over there as fast as I could. I almost did a happy dance right there when I saw the price tag...$50! I gave it a good inspection, tried all the drawers, did the "sturdy test" by grabbing the top edges and giving it a good shake to see if it would wobble. It was a good solid piece. Woo hoo! I was in love! This baby is coming home with me!

Here it is in it's new home in the boys' room:

I've been looking for a dresser for their room for months and am so happy with this one! I love the lines and detail. I haven't decided what kind of makeover to do on it yet, so for now I'm just going to leave it until inspiration strikes.

Head on over to check out all the other Goodwill goodies!