Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wednesday was one of "those mornings"

For me, those mornings entail speaking through clenched teeth, counting to three to get something accomplished added on top of my usual role of referee/negotiator/nurse/hairstylist/chaffeur.

Part of it is my fault, I know....I stay in bed until the last possible second and then begrudgingly get up and start the torture of the morning ritual of getting ready, all the while I'm trying to keep the boys from fighting and tearing up the house. I admit I am not a morning person and am short on temper and patience in the hours before 10am. I know this. As a result my children have to live with the wrath of Mommy every morning. Poor things....

Anyway, this morning as I was dropping Cade off in his classroom, he told me to wait, he had something for me. He ran to his cubby to retrieve a paper chain and ran back all excited. He stopped, tore one of the paper loops off and handed it to me saying, "Here Mommy, only 8 more days!"

8 more weekdays left until he starts Kindergarten.

It hit me like a ton of bricks....I really should be thankful for these mornings while they are here. These sweet boys still think Mommy is cool and can do anything!

Kindergarten already?!?! Where did all the time go? *sigh*

Here is Cade at 9 months....

Here he is at 5.

Kindergarten, here we come! It's a bittersweet time for Mommy.