Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us....

Know what we got?

Pertussis. (aka Whooping Cough)

We've had an eventful last few weeks with Brady. He had Walking Pneumonia two weeks ago. Then he was better. Then he was having breathing issues at naptime at school. Back to the dr we go. She thinks he's fine, just congestion problems when he lays down and a chest x-ray confirms that his lungs are clear.

Friday night, we went out to dinner and a wine tasting with Chris & Leslie. The babysitter called to let us know that Brady had had another loss of breath episode as he was coming out of the bathroom and had turned purple and threw up. It freaked us all out and Doug and I came tearing home to get him to take him to the ER.

So, after 4 hours at the hospital, another chest xray and a swab in each nostril (poor thing, he did not like that AT ALL) it was confirmed that he has Pertussis. A very contagious virus.


We called our pediatrician and got her to call in a script for Cade. Doug and I both went to Care Now to get medicine as well.

Now, Doug and I are feeling lousy and the boys are feeling just fine.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and the dr advised us to all stay home until at least Tuesday.

The boys already have cabin fever...I sure hope D & I feel better tomorrow!

In sickness and in health, for better or for worse, right?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

11 years ago today....

Was one of the happiest days of my life.

Here we are at our rehearsal dinner...

Don't we look young and happy?

Here we are after the wedding, gazing out into our future...

I still cringe at the hairdo choice I made for that day....

Here we are about a month ago, still just as happy and even more in love. (awwww....)

I feel so blessed to have married my prince charming.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crystal Beach...continued

Yes, it's another post about our trip to Crystal Beach...sorry! What can I say, I took ALOT of photos!

This was Brady's first time at the beach. Cade had been a few times before with Nana and Pawpaw when he was little, but he didn't really remember much about it.

*disclaimer: no those are not REAL tatoos on my children, they are temporary ones from a Jack in the Box kids meal* :o)

I can't wait to get back! It was such a nice trip.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy 4th of July from Crystal Beach!

I have never been on the beach for the 4th of July...

I won't make that mistake again! It was gorgeous!

Brady and Pawpaw had a good spot from the hood of the Tahoe.

As far as we could see down the beach to our right, and to our left, was a solid stream of firworks exploding. Nothing coordinated, just families and friends celebrating on the beach.

My guys under the star spangled sky...

Yeah, we'll definitely be there next year! :o)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crystal Beach Vacation - Day 1 continued

After the rain....

Boat ride!

Here comes Pawpaw with the boat, it's a real Trophy isn't it?? heh heh

Doug and Cade waiting at the dock to grab the rope.

Here comes Brady to help.

Brady behind the wheel again and Cade giving his signature 'thumbs up!'

hmmm...see a familiar trend going here?

Not sure what he's thinking about, but it's gotta be something important.

I'm pretty sure that Brady is doing some sort of sound effects with his mouth. Boat noises perhaps?

And we're off!

This is pretty cool!

Look at all the boats!

This is Bird Island. There were THOUSANDS of birds! It was an amazing sight...

...not such an amazing smell.

Proof that I was really there! ha ha

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crystal Beach Vacation with Nana & Pawpaw - Day 1

Over the 4th of July weekend, we went camping with mom & Bruce. We had such an awesome time! Lots of relaxing, hanging out, playing at the beach, fishing, eating, fireworks..... While we were there, we found out that the offer they had made on a beach house was accepted! We were all so excited! Can't wait to spend more vacations with them at the beach. Here are a few pictures from Day 1:

This was the first of MANY rocks/shells that Cade collected over the course of our weekend.

For a kid with no license, Brady spend most of his vacation behind the wheel.

The wind picked up and the temperature dropped....

The clouds rolled in....

Pawpaw and Brady off to check on something important, I'm sure.

Doug supervising something important, I'm sure.
**sidenote: this was the first of many 12 oz curls that Doug did over the course of the weekend. :oP **

The guys think this is the coolest. ride. ever.

The boys had spent the previous week with Grammy and Harley Pawpaw and were cool dudes when they arrived to meet us at the campsite in their 4th of July attire. (Thanks Grammy!)