Monday, August 18, 2008

Crystal Beach Vacation - Day 1 continued

After the rain....

Boat ride!

Here comes Pawpaw with the boat, it's a real Trophy isn't it?? heh heh

Doug and Cade waiting at the dock to grab the rope.

Here comes Brady to help.

Brady behind the wheel again and Cade giving his signature 'thumbs up!'

hmmm...see a familiar trend going here?

Not sure what he's thinking about, but it's gotta be something important.

I'm pretty sure that Brady is doing some sort of sound effects with his mouth. Boat noises perhaps?

And we're off!

This is pretty cool!

Look at all the boats!

This is Bird Island. There were THOUSANDS of birds! It was an amazing sight...

...not such an amazing smell.

Proof that I was really there! ha ha