Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Tonight was pancake night...a special request from Cade. He looooves him some pancakes! :o) So, I fixed them special for him and I was the coolest mommy in the history of the world!

The boys were eating their pancakes...I had given them each one, cut up with lots of syrup. They both finished and wanted more, so I obliged...this time, however I waited until I got to the table to cut them up. I quickly cut Cade's then stood next to Brady to cut his. He saw the big pancake and said "ooh....ooh....ooh" and when I finished cutting it, he said "AWESOME!" It was soooo cute. It ranks right up there with him applauding me for pottying and vacuuming the living room. "Yay, Mommy! You did it!"