Sunday, January 14, 2007

Go to your room!

Brady has never been very good at time outs. We've never been able to get him to stand in the corner AT ALL. When he got in trouble or was throwing a tantrum, it got to where we'd just go put him in his crib for a time out. Last weekend he grew out of his baby bed. (Or should I say he started climbing out of it and therefore we had to retire the crib) I realized during the week that we needed to come up with a new strategy for punishment, but couldn't come up with anything brilliant.Yesterday, Brady was throwing a fit about something and Doug told him to go to his room. HE WENT! Wailing and sobbing...but he went! He was in there for a bit and then we heard him walk over to the door and shut it. He stayed in his room for a few minutes and then we heard the door open and he came out...all better now.

Brady...are you ready to be a good boy now??


Good boy!

And so it went for 3 or 4 more times the rest of the weekend. Here I was, worried about the best strategy...just send the kid to his room! Duh! :o)