Monday, January 15, 2007

Babies Don't Live Here Anymore

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that we had to retire the crib last weekend. Here's the scoop....

It started on Friday evening. Doug picked the boys up from school. Brady pitched a tantrum and Daddy put him in his crib for a time out. Doug walked back into the kitchen to finish the dishes and he turned around and guess who came walking in? Brady!

A few hours later, after we put the boys to bed....I was sitting in my chair in the living room....heard a *thunk* *crrrreeeeaaaak* *slam* "hi mommy!" uh oh. Put him back in the crib and told him to stay in his bed!

Sat morning, Doug and I woke up and we had 2 boys in bed with us!! (we shoulda got the king size bed! we are regretting that now!) Sooooo.......later that morning, Daddy disassembled the crib (a traumatic experience for Mommy) and took the trundle bed out of Cade's room. Brady was ecstatic to have a big boy bed! He LOVES it!

A happy and sad moment to realize that our baby isn't one anymore.