Monday, January 15, 2007

Belding Inc, 4th Quarter Report

A week before Christmas, I received the following email from Doug:

The company, Belding Inc., has forecasted it's last two weeks to wrap up the year end of 2006.... based on the recent spending trends and lower costs to run said company, thanks in large part to the efforts of Chief Operating Officer, Kim Belding, 4th qtr bonuses are now available for use.... $125 is now available for immediate withdrawal/spending/etc.... Thank you again for your tireless efforts in maintaining the inventory levels of the business(food in pantry), while increasing throughput and keeping costs lower, as well as arranging transportation for jr. executives to and from training, and of course the day to day oversight of the uniform cleaning facility. Belding Inc. expects a very bright 2007, there will be many mergers throughout the year (oh yeah) but headcount will remain at its current level....

Doug Belding CEO, Belding Inc.