Sunday, January 7, 2007

On the Road, Again....

Well, this holiday season we traveled around to see all the grandparents. Doug & I always said that when we had kids, we were not going to be on the road on Christmas, but this year was a little different.

The first weekend in December, we traveled to Nana and Pawpaw's and had Christmas with them. Pawpaw & Granny Wilson and Momow also came up for the day so we all had a good visit.

Our second trip was down to Stephenville on Christmas day to see Cookie Granny, Grandpa Tom, Granny Nell and Scott & Lisa and the girls. We had a nice visit with them as well.

Our third trip was down to Harley Pawpaw and Grammy's. We left DFW at 4pm on Thursday, Dec 28 and arrived there at 11:45. A trip that normally takes about 6 hours took almost 8! There was a wreck on I-45 outside of Huntsville that had the highway shut down. We sat there for almost an hour and then Doug decided to go off-roading and we took our chances crossing the grassy median. He took it perfectly and we doubled back about 5 miles to take a different route. All in all, the boys did great and there were no screaming fits from the parents OR the kids! :o)

While we were down at Dad's, we did some relaxing, some eating, played games, opened a million Christmas presents, the boys "swam" , went to church, went to Uncle Mike's NYE party and fireworks extravaganza, and then loaded up and came home on Monday.

.Swimming: Cade kepts asking if he can go swimming. We keep telling him that it is 50 degrees outside and it's too cold to go! He didn't care, so we let him strip down and step in. It's amazing how at first he was begging to stay in for 10 minutes and as soon as those piggies hit the water, he was okay with it not being 10 minutes! He wouldn't even step off the top step! ha ha Anyway, so when he came out, Brady decided it was his turn to go. So we took his pj bottoms off and Doug held him up by his arms and lowered him into the water. As soon as his feet touched the water, he went into a hanging fetal position. Doug lowered him some more and he balled up even tighter. Strangely enough, neither one asked about swimming for the rest of our visit.

Church: The boys are used to going into their classes at church. We don't bring them 'into' church, so they aren't used to sitting there quietly during a sermon. We had to take them into church with us and I'm really surprised at how well they did. They were a bit antsy, but really enjoyed the singing. Brady applauded and said "yay!" after every song. They both noticed the song director doing the hand motions to keep the time and started mimicking. It was cute!

Fireworks at Uncle Mike's: Both boys had a blast! (no pun intended) Cade loved holding the sparklers and Brady loved seeing the big fireworks in the sky and hearing them go boom. He was calling them 'Boom'. "Where Boom go?" "More Boom."